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We are happy that iBerkshire.com has interviewed a few clients and talk to me about what we can do to help you create a great web site, iBerkshire.com logothat will be seen and get results.  We have a full suite of offerings to help you do what you need to do.

Our services:

  • Green Web Hosting
  • We work with you to setup Google Apps
    • 7gb email boxes  (works just like gmail)
    • calendar.yourdomain.com (Private Google Calendar)
    • docs.yourdomain.com  (Private Google Docs)
  • Through Constant Contact
    • email marketing
    • social media marketing
  • Through e-Onlinedata
    • Accept Credit Cards on your Web Site
    • Accept Credit Cards in your store, on your Iphone/ Ipad

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This is a post from my iPad

Yes it is true that I posted this from my iPad. Well I have a new client that needs to post from her iPad. That is true she only has a iPad and does everything she needs on it. The. Picture thing is going to be something to workout. I am working on that now. As you know flash does not work on the iPad so I can’t use my mail gallery plugin nextgen galleries. We have to find something else.
Is if you have an suggestions please let me know what you are using to work with pictures on the web or how you make it work.

Thats all for now talk to you next time


So I can post a picture from my iPad. Cool!

Google Changes the Rules on Search and Ranking

When I started writing this posting the world was different. Back in the day (two weeks ago) you could find a good news article or blog post, add some comment and you had great Content. Google is now giving original content a higher ranking than comments on articles or reused articles. This puts more pressure on websites that want to stay on top to create more original content.

The Question: How do I do this?

Google Search Changes

Google has changed the rules once again. They do it from time to time to keep the search relevant. From the web-user side it is a step forward – you get up-to-date information and the best, most relevant search results ever. If you want to get something on Google it now takes minutes not weeks. It sounds like a good idea to manage your own web site. Depending on your industry, you might need to post every week to stay on top of the rankings, or you might just need to post once or twice a month. It just depends on your industry, are your cohorts and competitors using the internet or not? (Construction not so much; retail stores more so.) Now ask yourself, what business am I in? Not the website management business.

We have learned over the past five years that many clients like the idea of updating their own sites; but then find that it takes more time than is feasible for busy owners. After all you should be spending your time running your business! We have developed a plan to assist you in optimizing your website; Colleen Henry has joined our team and is available to manage your web site. She has a background in PR and Marketing to help you get the word out about your business or non-profit organization.

One thing is sure, if you don't update your site on a regular basis you will drop in the rankings. You must create more content for the Google machine to digest. Allow us to assist in this process! Take peace in knowing we are here to help.


Google Ranking Changes

Along with the instant indexing of pages, Google is not rating news aggregation sites as high as sites that have original content. It is not good enough to just have the keywords and meta tags. If you want to rank higher you need to have back-links and original content, which along with being posted on your site, is announced on your Facebook page and Twitter feed all at the same time. It is now an Internet Presence. Not just a web site.

Graymatterhost.com Has Won An Award

best web hosting graymatterhost.com review  Graymatterhost of Great Barrington has garnered two prestigious awards recently. Given the award for “Best Small Biz Host” by BestHosting101.com, and “Best Non-Profit Host” by WebHostRanking.com, Graymatterhost continues to draw accolades for outstanding service, personal training, and Green Web hosting.

Powered completely by solar power, with 99.9% up time, Graymatterhost is the only Green Web hosting site in Berkshire County. In addition to web hosting, Graymatter offers website design services, website evaluation, site content management, personal training videos, SEO marketing and analysis.
In announcing the award, BestHosting101 states: It is because of their spectacular commitment to small business web hosting that BestHosting101 has decided to choose Graymatterhost for our “Best Small Biz Host” award.
WebHostRanking calls Graymatterhost “one of the best web hosting providers for non-profit cheap web hostingor small businesses.”
Graymatterhost has recently expanded their offerings with the addition of Website Management services. This could involve anything from changing a picture out a few times a year to SEO on a weekly or monthly basis to keep your business website on top of the search engines. Contracting for website management allows small business owners to focus their energies on what they do best, while maintaining a professional presence on the web. 
For small businesses and Non-Profit organizations, Graymatterhost offers full service from domain name registration to SEO analysis. With a personal, hands-on approach Graymatterhost gets websites up and running, and keeps sites running – always relevant, timely and easily accessible.
Read the glowing reviews here: