I can’t find my web site!

Everyone has this fear once in a while.  There is something you can do about it.  You can make a difference in the way your site comes up.  There was a time when it was 20% skill and 80% black magic but those days are days are gone.  If you just follow some rules and make it your weekly task to post something to your web site you can move your site to the front page of the search engines and get more clicks. More click gets you higher in the rankings and you get more visitors and away you go.

But things have also changed in the way Google looks at things.  Because of the changes that Google has made you will need to put new content up on the web to stay up on the ranking.  It is something that just needs to be done.  This is my Show Computer Therapy.  I was alone that this day and just talked about what you can do to make your site work for you.


Computer Therapy


Blogging on the road with my new iphone

This is a test of my iPhone app. How can we know that we can keep it going on the road. When we work on this you run into all the issues that typing on a phone bring. It takes longer. More mistakes, that pesky spell check that can change what you mean with a word.
But if you only need to put up a picture you just took, or need to get a message out to everyone this is a good way. Happy blogging.

My son and me on a trip to San Francisco. It works for this kind of thing. The real test is look at it once I post it. Will it look crazy?