Resolutions! Do we or don’t we? That is the Question.

DSC42612-200x220Many of us start the year with decicions to work out more.  Get to Yoga everyday.  Get to the gym,  show our loved ones more lovingkindness.  But then the world gets in the way and something happens to stop us from achiving our goals.

This year I am going to not make any resolutions.  I am going to continue to get to yoga everyday and work to make sure that my clients are happy and successful.  We should do everything with the more gusto.  Life is too short to spend out time spinning our wheels.

Along with excersie and good food.  We also more work our brians and get those creative jusies flowing.  Look to our buisnesses.  This is where we always have too much to do and not enough time.  We can get help with almost every aspect of our companies life.  There are consultants here in the Berkshires that will help you create a business plan,  a marketing plan.  Then there are others that can help you carry it out.  You can do it.  You can make a difference in your buisness and create an enviorment that will build a strong company.

Start the new year.  Get help with your company, get help with keeping yourself healthy.  It dose work.  I know  this. I am proof it does work.  If you are not here and need help call 413 528-6386 and I will help you or guide you to the right kind of advice.

Have a very happy profitable New Year.


Yelp is only one of the directories put there…

yelpangieslistSocial directories, a place you go to find local restaurants, hardware stores, Lawyers, Accountants, etc. Companies get listed in these directories by just being listed in the phone book. How do we know that our information is correct or not? All of these directories allow users of this directory to add a review to your business listing. That can be a good thing for consumers and our companies when the reviews are legit. We have our clients add reviews. You find  our quickly that most of the time you need to be a member of that directory to be able to leave a review. So you go through the process to get the reviews up. This is all well and good until it is not. I am going to tell you about two stories, both of these stories happen to deal with Yelp but it could be any directory.

First story is about a small local company here in the Berkshires. They are a good little company that has been around for a long time and up to this point got all of its new work by referrals. Things were going well. Then one day they had a client as we all do, that was not being reasonable. They did what they could do to please her but she just would not be pleased. They finished the job and moved on. Hoping not to have that experience again. Then the owner got a call from an old client that told him he needs to look up his web site right away. He did that and when he did he saw this listing right under his web site listing. It was from a company call YELP. This was a listing for his company and the description on the listing there was a bad review. The first two lines said ” These guys did not do what they said and they are on drugs…” Then if you click on the review and read the entire review of about 4 paragraphs. Ranting and raving about how bad these guys are. The more you read the more you realized that the woman that wrote the review had an alternate world view. Ok it shows you she was crazy. In most cases the new user will just read the description and move on to the next company. This was hurting his business and it was getting into the busy season for them. He did what anyone would do he call 10 clients and got them to go on YELP and add good reviews. Yelp saw that as packing reviews and disallowed all but two of the reviews and it left the bad review as first in the list so it showed up in his Google Listing. That is when he came to us. We worked with him over the next few months to add good reviews and get the disallowed one to show up. Then we looked at his web presences and started to get good reviews on GooglePlus, Angie’s list, Yellow book, and a few others. Over time the review went away and was replaced by a good review. Consumers read reviews. Those were a tough few months for his company but all is fine now and he has good reviews on all the services that have him listed.


This next story is about a Lawyer in California,  His story is similar.  In his case he was paying Yelp to advertise on their site and to allow him to come up more when people are using yelp.  This worked great to get him some clients.  He was paying YELP $500 per month to get the clients to call.  It was working so well in the beginning that he told all of his friends they started to use yelp everything was great.  Until it wasn’t!  One of there clients didn’t like the way that he treated her and wrote a bad review.  This review went something like this  “this is a lawyer I will not recommend.  He is rude and doesn’t know what he is doing…” He called yelp and they told him that he wanted the review removed.  He was told that they do not do that and that they have no control over the reviews on your YELP listing.  In his case too if you read the review you would see that the person was not working with a full deck.  Never the less the yelp listing came up on the front page of the Google listing when you search for this Lawyer. His solution was to stop paying YELP.  So now he doesn’t have any clients coming through his advertising and he still has a bad review just under his web site listing.  Just because you are not paying them does not mean they are going to take you out of the directory.  We are starting to work to help him now with his issue.


As in both of these true stories they did not look to protect themselves by getting good reviews in all the directories they are listed in before a bad review showed up.  I know this is a lot of work and you don’t have time to do it.  That is why we are here to help through the process    Call us today to help with your Web Presence.  413 528-4402

Computer Therapy 8.8.2014

Computer Therapy is a weekly radio show for everyone that just wants to know what is going on with the tech they use every day.  We talk about the current news and they talk about the web.

In this show I talk about you are your web presence.  How does it help or hurt your business.

Depending on your connection it might take a little while to start.  Check it out let me know what you think.

Computer Therapy 8.15.2014

Computer Therapy is a weekly radio show for everyone that just wants to know what is going on with the tech they use every day.  We talk about the current news and they talk about the web.

In this show I talk about you are your web presence.  How does it help or hurt your business.

Depending on your connection it might take a little while to start.  Check it out let me know what you think.

Security, My web Marketing…

Top 14 Most Popular Vendor of IT Certifications

serversWith companies fighting for the top spot, it’s certainly very difficult to choose, which one can help a student get through the exam and get him a certification that he actually desires. We have made it pretty much simple for you by reducing your finding work to a fickle, just the top 14 most popular vendors of IT certifications, along with the certifications they give u access to, so that you can choose to join whichever interests you. This list will not only narrow down your choices but also give you clues as to which companies are reportedly performing over others along with what they offer, that makes them the best of the best for the particular task. With easy training and hands on practical usage guaranteed by some, getting a global certification is an easy task, if you get it from any of the vendors given below.Yes, all vendors make promises, but which ones do really keep it? They get money, they are happy, technically some don’t care, but the one’s we have in the list provide such intense study material that doubting them would be a big mistake. For example, take Microsoft, take Cisco, they have some certifications that can’t be matched up with value by any certification. The Microsoft Certified Expert, the CCNA certified personnel, these certificates have some of the highest values in the job market and these are what will actually matter, when you present yourself somewhere in an interview. We recommend following this list strictly. All the best!
Presenting Top 14 Most Popular Vendor of IT Certifications:
The world leader and also the creator of the brilliant database language SQL, which can be found anywhere in the world (games, websites) provides excellent global certifications such as the position of ATG developers which is certainly something BIG and a position to be proud of.
Hewlett has been recruiting and handing out pretty well sort out and reputed certifications to the deserving such as the ATA Certifications. Also, it’s ExpertOne certification that was bought about, is pretty good and running with success.
The vendor is famous for providing study stuff and guides with a promise of short and concise material. Dump guides are full of short and meaningful answers that help people pass exams of different certifications, than providing certification itself as a whole.
Working at Microsoft, is a pleasure enjoyed only by the most talented, and unbelievably, Microsoft itself trains you for it. With their certifications like MCE and MCP, your status quo in the market increases dramatically.
Braindumps, the site famous for helping students get their certifications is continuing to be, and in our predictions, will continue to be in the top 14, if it keeps on providing with excellent papers and solutions to aspirants. Certification exams of all famous vendors such as Microsoft, IBM and Cisco are available at ease with braindumps. It provides dumps, such as the ccna dumpscissp dumps and braindumps a+.
6., the short name for pega systems has gone from providing business solutions to providing global internships, certifications to interested candidates and has some high-level exams for recruitment such as the CPBA exam.
Pass4sure assures a wide majority of candidates with the confidence of passing in exams as well. The website guarantees the success rate, and since we don’t just go on guarantees, our professionals tested the products, in person and surprisingly, the website does what it says. Answers to exams of the hardest certification programs, easy tuts, this vendor is a must-go-for.
With certifications such as the ACP and more, adobe is currently, nothing less than ruling the certification industry, adding to the fact that it invented the pdf systems as well.
Just in sql? Naah, this company has gone from creating the best database software to some of the best certification programs such as the ring easy positions in all leading companies.
10. provides ITIL foundation certification that falls under the category of global certification has the facility of viewing the certificate online with the brilliant certificate wizard portal on their main website.
The riverbed institution provides various certifications and for the certifications it provides online study material as well. One of its well-known certification is the RCSP (Riverbed Certified Solutions Professionals), it trains the candidates as well for it’s certifications in well known programs such as the RCSA-W red education program and the RCSG study guides as well.
Magento provides the finest degrees amongst the lines of IT, even though the title may read commerce. Some of them are the Magento Developer Certification and the Magento Solution Specialist
Avaya deals with certifications along the lines of collab of innovatia and aims at providing with technical training to all its candidates and nourished the necessary skills in them to get Avaya certifications.
Zend technologies is a World Wide Web software infrastructure company which provides PHP certification that ensures a person is fully qualified to develop PHP web applications

Hacking is on an up swing.

Have you seen this on your site?  What can you do?  Call us ASAP 413.528.4402


Since January 2014 there has been a lot of hacking.  The most common hack has been an injection hack.  This is where the hacker exploits a vulnerability in your site.  It could be a page that allows comments or a contact form.  Because of this we have started offering a Daily Scanning service.  This will scan your site daily and if we find any vulnerabilities we will close them.  If we find that someone has hacked your site we will inform you unless we have a standing order from you to clean the site. The site cleaning will be a $40 change.

Also check this link.  So your site has been hacked!

There are some links and a video from Google about hacking and what we can do about.
This video will tell you about:

  • How and why sites are hacked
  • Process to recover a site and remove the user-facing warning label
  • Time-to-recovery depends on extent of damage and technical skill of administrator
  • Two options:
  • Do it yourself
  • Get help from specialists


Greener Office: Less Paper

Graymatter’s Guide To Greener Business Practices
Part Three

Don’t Be A Paper Pusher.

  1. Digitize
    It does seem a bit strange that in the .digital age. we still consume enormous amounts of mashed up, bleached tree pulp, most of which gets used once or twice and then tossed or recycled (.downcycled,. as McDonough and Braungart would call it). The greenest paper is no paper at all, so keep things digital and dematerialized whenever possible. The more you do online, the less you need paper. Keep files on computers instead of in file cabinets (this also makes it easier to make offsite backup copies or take them with you when you move to a new office). Review documents onscreen rather than printing them out. Send emails instead of paper letters. New software like Greenprint helps eliminate blank pages from documents before printing and can also convert to PDF for paperless document sharing.
  2. Don.t Be a Paper Pusher
    When buying printer paper, look for recycled paper with a high percentage of post-consumer content and the minimum of chlorine bleaching. Even recycled paper gobbles up a great deal of energy, water, and chemical resources in its processing (toxic pulp slurry is the paper recycling industry.s dirty secret). When using the real stuff, print on both sides of the page when appropriate and use misprints as notepaper. Try to choose printers and photocopiers that do double-sided printing. If your office ships packages, reuse boxes and use shredded waste paper as packing material.

Overcome the storms

Every day I get up and say that I am going to start marketing my business/web site. Everyday life happens. It seems like there is always something that stops me.
Today I looked at the sun trying to get through the clouds. The sun that warms our planet. The Internet is a lot like that solar system we are in. It is hard for us to wrap our heads around how big and powerful it is. The Internet is made up of tens of billions of pages. How am I going ever be seen.
You don't have to over come all of them just the one that , like the cloud blocking us from our visitors. It might be that you have a personal business like yoga or you sell propane to your local area. You just need to be seen by them . And you can do this by creating information/ content that will help those people, the real people in your area to live a better life.
Your clients will read it on Facebook or your web site tell their friends and that will help your business grow.

Remember it is the fund drive for WBCR this week. So listen to Computer Therapy today at 10 am and give to the station. Help us keep it going.
Have a peaceful day.

My Internet presence

Everyday is the right day to begin your web marketing. Just start talking about your work. Describe what you did yesterday. Talk about what you want to do tomorrow. It does not have to be long it just has to be there.

Then as you go learn how to do keyword research to find the best words to use, post it to Facebook, twitter, and any other network you be long to.

In the beginning it is more important that you do it than it is perfect. You can do this!

Don’t let the wind of competition blow out your candle.


As the sun comes up every day…

As the Sun comes up in the east we see the new day. We need to think about our business, our clients, and our goals. Focus can give us a clear mind to get our name out, sell our product/service. Each day we need to find the best way to reach out.
Keyword research is important in your writing. Using the right words can make all the difference in the search engines.

It is spring time to start

20120424-064230.jpgTrees are coming out from their winter sleep. It is time for you to stand up take charge of you web presence. Tie social networking, your web site and video into one powerful package. Bring them together to educate, empower and succeed. You can do it! Make the call get some help. Allow the resources around you to make you strong.
The Internet is just another tool. Learn how to use it and succeed.




My meeting with Anna

Today we went to Rubi’s in GB and set up Anna’s site it is very cool. Now I am showing her how the iPhone WordPress works


A new day, someone needs your help


Each day we get up and start the day. Each day we have the opportunity to help our clients and friends to get to their goals. Each day we have a new beginning. The same thing with your website, take the time. Write some content for your site. Make it a little better. Write some keyword rich content. That will raise your ranking in Google and other search engines. Listen to Computer Therapy today at 10am EST on WBCR 97.7 Great Barrington to find out more. then hit the listen now link on the left side of the page

OK is it did work to get a post everyday.

this is one of the hardest things todo just sit down and write something every day. I have found that it is hard to anything everyday. The day gets too busy, kids need to be picked up, food needs to be cooked, house needs to be cleaned, etc,etc.
You get up in the morning and start your day. For me I find if I don’t do that kind of thing before the day starts it just doesn’t get done.

the bottom line is you need to get your word out and say something people care about to make your blog, site, company grow online. So keep it up keep working at it, let me know if you have an y more luck or your ways of making it work for you

So I didn’t do it everyday. It is harder than you think.

Rainbow over Great Barrington MAI tried to just get a few posts up and it is harder than I thought.  I found I was doing them for other but not for myself.  Today we are talking about internet marketing and what makes it work.  If you listen to Hub Spot and others the only way is to create posts and bring the visitors to you then give them an offer they can't refuse and get their email address.  You can get them on a list that you nurture and turn them in to customer/clients for your product or service.

Of all the different ways of doing it I think that it brings together a complete plan.  It is not an in your face way to bring people to your email list. But the fact is you have to spend a lot time working out the offers,  writing the text for the offer page and then writing the posts that are going to bring them to your site to give you their name and email.  I see some companies say that they are the best and others give you different ways to pay and get it done for you.  The bottom line is that however does this for you needs to be consistent and make sure they understand the industry they are working for.    Part of our research is on the person or company we are working for.  We want to find out what is all ready out there so we can help them use what is there or change it to make it say what they need for there company.

Control the narrative on yourself and your company.  If you don't have a web presence, you have no opportunity to have your voice heard.   Click on this link to contact us to find out what is being said about you!

New post every day!? That is what it takes to really make this work?

So it is easy to tell everyone what they need to do to get traffic and then not doing it your self. hidden treasure.

Yes, I am just like most of you I did everything when I built the site.  Well what I could get done. It seems when you build your own site you always feel that I can get back to that later.  I need to get the customer's work done.  That is true the customers pay the bills. If that is the case, hire some one to do it.  More and more each day sites come online in every shape and size.  Everyone is trying to cash in on the internet..  It empowers everyone it has changed our life. So I hired someone to build my site. I it got done. I put one more person to work for a few days. 

We are here to help an any level you need.  From the small site that needs a boost to the large traffic site that has hit a wall.  There is always something to try and some way to bring you more traffic and then convert the visitors to your site. The great thing about Internet Marketing is it is measured down to the click on every visitor you know ROI.  You are not guessing as you do with any other advertising.  Your marking plan should be a closed loop if at all possible.

Computer Therapy is going on the air at 10am

Today we are going to talk about things you can still do to market your products and services online for Christmas. We also have a preview of windows 8 and many other stories about what is going on in the tech world that will effect your life this week. See ya there. At 97.7 fm in Great Barrington and at everywhere else. Hope to see you there.
Have a great day.

Google places is going to give me more grey hair.

Well over the last few maybe three weeks I have gotten a little more grey. My story, the first week of July I made some changes to a clients Google Places page. We started the page in March for this client and all was going well it did give them an additional placement for their keywords over 700 visitors were using it to get directions to the office it was sending some visitors to their web site. We even got our first review. All was good in the world of Google Places.

Then the client ask to make some changes to the description, contact email, mail URL.
I signed into the places dashboard and all seem good. There is a warning about changing the name of the company, address or mail phone. If you change these things you will need to reverify the page. I was not changing any of those thing so all was good. Or so I thought!

After making the changes everything on the page disappeared except for the address, company name, phone number, URL and the main photo. Everything else was gone including the review.
My client ask what happened I read the help section and it had a warning at the top of the page that said the listing needed to be reverified. (I later found out that was a bug) So I clicked on the link in the warning tell me to reverify and it ask what method we used last time to verify. We used mail so then it told me that we should wait for. 2 to 3 weeks and we would get a card in the mail and then add that pin to your page and we would be ready to go. I told my client that and we waited, and waited 3 weeks went by and no card.

The client was asking me what was going on. I had done 30 or more of these listing and never had this problem. So for the next week I read everything I could find talked to anyone I could think of (Google gives no support on free offerings). This is what I found.

Google places is a VERY buggy piece of software and that at the same time I made my change Google made changes to the way Places displays. I found some great blog posts ( search 25 things I hate about google places) and all started to become clear. And after 6 weeks past all the content that was going to show up showed up. It did not contain all of my changes I am still waiting for that. But we are moving forward. We did lose the great review but it is back and does give us another listing for the keywords we want. So it is not is not a total loss.

The take away: until Google Places Gets it shit together make sure you have all the information you want on your page When you create the page. The other pages that I have are not having those issue. Don’t edit the page until you know it is safe. Do it right the first time!

Don’t get me wrong Google Places is a must do. It really works to get you seen in local search. It can get you to the top of the page. And will add you to the mobile listing. Just make sure you get it right the first time! Did I say that before? Good luck, it will be a lesson in patience.

Remember slow and steady wins the race.