GraymatterHost Named In Top Five List At DC Green Fest

GraymatterHost Named in Top 5 Takeaways By EcoScene Magazine

Great Barrington, MA (November 17, 2008) . GraymatterHost was selected for EcoScene Magazine.s Top 5 most intriguing products at the DC Green Fest, which was held November 8th & 9th at the Washington DC Convention Center. GraymatterHost was one of more than 320 green businesses at this year.s Green Fest, the nation.s largest green consumer event.

GraymatterHost, based in Great Barrington, MA, provides environmentally friendly website hosting and Internet consulting to customers throughout the US and around the world.  Their 100% solar powered data center is housed in green buildings in Southern California. This carbon neutral system distinguishes them among green hosting companies as GraymatterHost doesn.t need to use any renewable energy credits to be green.  Their solar powered redundant network has had a 99.9% uptime average for over 10 years, which makes GraymatterHost the most reliable web hosting available.

GraymatterHost provides green hosting and Internet consulting services to companies of all sizes and locations.  A few of Graymatter.s Green Web Hosting clients include: Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce, The Red Lion Inn, Space Program TV, and Green Body & Home who was selected for EcoScene.s Top 5 Best Websites at the DC Fest.

.It.s great to be recognized by EcoScene,. says Bob O.Haver, owner of GraymatterHost. proud of our green web hosting.  We offer the highest quality hosting and customer service through the greenest system possible..

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Green Web Hosting?

"Green what?" I knew my questions were usually annoying.

"Web hosting."

"What does that do?"

"It’s hosting," he explains, "It’s where your website lives."

"Huh.  Where it lives."   That took a bit more explaining to work for me.




Internet in the Election Year

The use of the Internet has changed the landscape of the American election process.  Candidates are using free resources like and to get their message out with great success.  Web sites are used collect campaign money and put out calls to action.  Social networking sites have helped reach voters young and old.

These green methods are replacing the old wasteful election mailers.  We suggest these cadidates make a committment to greener business practices by using green web hosting such as Graymatter Green Web Hosting.

No Polar Ice This Summer? Holy Sh**!


I’m sure I’m not the only one to catch their breath at the news.  Fifty percent chance the North Pole will be ice free for a short time this summer.  No ice.  None.

Scientists say it’s a 50-50 bet that the thin Arctic sea ice will completely melt away at the geographic North Pole.

The CNN video is a must-see if you haven’t already. When I first saw it I felt paralized, then panicked, then paralized again. I had the impulse to act, do something, anything, but nothing felt big enough.  My overflowing recycling bin seemed puny.  My oath to lower our electric bill seemed puny.  Walking to the store almost every time, seemed puny.  But if you took the time to add it all up, they didn’t seem quite as puny anymore.  Continue reading “No Polar Ice This Summer? Holy Sh**!”

Solar Power: From Simple to Sophisticated

My neighbor just put up one of those old fashioned clothes lines.  It seemed a bit of an eye sore when I first saw it there, the metal pole holding up a spiderweb-like array in the middle of her lawn.  "The dryer uses a lot of electricity," she explained.  Her simple use of the sun made a lot of sense.  I briefly considered getting one myself – but I knew I’d have trouble actually using it.   Her sheets waving like flags were a salute to the ‘good old days’ when technology was simpler… and perhaps in some ways smarter.  I just read an interesting article on about the potential use of the sun’s energy (besides solar powered web hosting, of course!).  A group of MIT students have created a solar array that can melt steel! Check it out:

MIT Students Develop Revolutionary Solar Dish That is Hot Enough to Melt Steel

 The solar industry is booming.  With waves of investment and grants, the solar power industry is for the first time becoming a serious business.  New power plants will soon be pumping power out to consumers, while other firms market to sell panels directly to the consumer, providing them with a more direct means of experiencing solar energy.


There are many forms of solar power technology.  Today the most dominant is photo-voltaics, which comprise the traditional solar panels that come to mind when one thinks of solar power.  However, there are other promising ways of capturing the sun’s energy that are merely less developed. Continue reading “Solar Power: From Simple to Sophisticated”

Green Data Centers On The Rise

According to a recent article in Computerworld (see below), high energy costs will force more and more data centers to go green.  When investigating green data centers for our own company, we found many that used renewable energy credits.  After extensive research we found a 100% solar powered data center that creates no pollution what so ever.  No pollution means no need for credits.   And, we’re happy to report, it has a 99.9% up time guarantee.  Green web hosting can be great web hosting.

Pressure to build green data centers will intensify, say IT execs

Energy crunch could spark higher demand

April 9, 2008 (Computerworld) ORLANDO — Rising energy costs and the need to consolidate IT infrastructure will force business managers to re-evaluate data retention policies and learn how much power every device in their data center consumes, said IT executives today on a panel at Computerworld‘s Storage Networking World conference.

The executives said that while social responsibility and proposed regulatory pressures to build more environmentally friendly data centers are grabbing all the headlines, the real impetus to "go green" is a mandate by many organizations to trim present and future costs by understanding how data is used, stored and accessed within an IT environment… more.