The more we do, can be a thing…

Every day we get we wake, get out of bed. Just like billions of other people around the world. What makes us different, unique? That is something you have to find in yourself . By your spiritual practice or through looking inward. As it becomes clear you need to act, make a move, start down […]

Google Changes the Rules on Search and Ranking

When I started writing this posting the world was different. Back in the day (two weeks ago) you could find a good news article or blog post, add some comment and you had great Content. Google is now giving original content a higher ranking than comments on articles or reused articles. This puts more pressure […]

Internet Safety

Part I – Information on the table Ryan Halligan Frontline – Growing up Online on Youtube Tyler Clementi – NY Timeis Phoebe Prince – Good Morning America Netsmartz Teens- real life stories     Cyberbullying – Broken Friendship/ You Can’t Take it Back Teens Talk Back     Offline Consequences     Social Networking […]