Green Data Centers On The Rise

According to a recent article in Computerworld (see below), high energy costs will force more and more data centers to go green.  When investigating green data centers for our own company, we found many that used renewable energy credits.  After extensive research we found a 100% solar powered data center that creates no pollution what so ever.  No pollution means no need for credits.   And, we’re happy to report, it has a 99.9% up time guarantee.  Green web hosting can be great web hosting.

Pressure to build green data centers will intensify, say IT execs

Energy crunch could spark higher demand

April 9, 2008 (Computerworld) ORLANDO — Rising energy costs and the need to consolidate IT infrastructure will force business managers to re-evaluate data retention policies and learn how much power every device in their data center consumes, said IT executives today on a panel at Computerworld‘s Storage Networking World conference.

The executives said that while social responsibility and proposed regulatory pressures to build more environmentally friendly data centers are grabbing all the headlines, the real impetus to "go green" is a mandate by many organizations to trim present and future costs by understanding how data is used, stored and accessed within an IT environment… more.


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