Website Package Prices

Our goal is to make effective internet marketing affordable. Of course “effective” and “affordable” can both be relative terms, but we try to price things in relation to the size and scope of the project. There are two ways you can have me work on your website; as a one-time build, or on an on-going monthly plan. In very rare circumstances, I can work on an hourly basis on existing sites, but I typically only work on sites I’ve built.

To start with the Solar Web Hosting is only $10 per month and domains are just $15 per year. That means after you get set and your web site is built, recurring cost are $135 per year.  Of course if you need site management there is an additional cost. We charge $80 per hour for consulting and $50 for content creation.

One-Time Build

This is common for people who are looking to leave,,,, etc website behind. This is typically the best option if you are looking to replace a template type of site that has not in the past, or you do not anticipate, requiring much maintenance. One-time build websites with entry level optimization start at $2,500. Items that typically will go above the $2,500 price point would be if there are requirements like directories, special forms, large galleries, or if you’re looking to add features like Google+, Video or additional content. To read more about the one-time build option, see the website services page.

Hourly Work (billed at $80 per hour)

If you are going for the one-time build option, rest assured that you are not completely on your own. You can have the benefits of dropping your monthly maintenance package while still being able to quickly and easily update your site. There are all sorts of reasons you may need to update your site:

  • Any edits or text changes throughout the site
  • Adding new associates
  • Adding new practice areas or other firm provided content
  • Changes to address and/or phone numbers

I am able to take care of these issues for you without you staring at a complex content management system or worrying about doing damage to your site. Simply send me the updates (for new content, simply paste it into the body of an email or attach it in a word processing document) and I will get them taken care of for you, typically within two business days.

On-Going Monthly Packages

If you have a larger site or ambitious goals for your website, I can work on your site on an on-going, monthly basis to continually widen and improve your position on the search engines. These packages start at $200 per month plus an initial site build cost. Typically I put together a proposal of how many videos, pages of content, hours of optimization, inbound links, etc. it will take to achieve your marketing goals and build a quote based on the amount of work it will take.To read more about on-going monthly packages click here.

The initial creation of the site includes:

  • Solar Web Hosting
  • Customized Design
  • Basic Optimization
  • Google/Bing Domain Validation
  • Google/Bing/Yahoo Sitemap Submission
  • Google/Bing Analytics Set-up

Daily Web Threat Scan.

There has been an increasing amount of hacking attacks on all sites.  This goes in wave but we have been on this wave since January 2014.  To this end we have added a new service.  We can start a Daily Web Threat Scan. For the small monthly fee of $5 per month we will scan your site daily and repair any vulnerabilities automatically.  if we scan and find that you have been hacked we will let you know and get it cleaned up for only $40 per incident.   When we set you up we also set up your Google and Bing Webmaster tool.  This allows us/you to see how Google and Bing see your site.  It allows us to see the 404 page not founds and tells us if there are any issue.  So we can fix them and keep you ranking on the search engine.   This is not a mandatory service but it is strongly advised.

If you are choosing not to go with the Daily scan this could be in your future.

Google putting up a warning on your search listing and your site that say to “run now while you can, this site is know to distribute malware”  this tag is on your search listing and a red sign over your website.  To remove the malware at that point could be up to $300 to $400.

Custom Options

  • We have saved companies thousands of dollars a year by simply translating their traffic reports and discovering their areas of high and low traffic.
  • We have saved companies hundreds of dollars per month by showing them how to eliminate the monthly service fees of large marketing companies.
  • We have helped firms find new clients by moving their sites up the Google search results page.