So I didn’t do it everyday. It is harder than you think.

Rainbow over Great Barrington MAI tried to just get a few posts up and it is harder than I thought.  I found I was doing them for other but not for myself.  Today we are talking about internet marketing and what makes it work.  If you listen to Hub Spot and others the only way is to create posts and bring the visitors to you then give them an offer they can't refuse and get their email address.  You can get them on a list that you nurture and turn them in to customer/clients for your product or service.

Of all the different ways of doing it I think that it brings together a complete plan.  It is not an in your face way to bring people to your email list. But the fact is you have to spend a lot time working out the offers,  writing the text for the offer page and then writing the posts that are going to bring them to your site to give you their name and email.  I see some companies say that they are the best and others give you different ways to pay and get it done for you.  The bottom line is that however does this for you needs to be consistent and make sure they understand the industry they are working for.    Part of our research is on the person or company we are working for.  We want to find out what is all ready out there so we can help them use what is there or change it to make it say what they need for there company.

Control the narrative on yourself and your company.  If you don't have a web presence, you have no opportunity to have your voice heard.   Click on this link to contact us to find out what is being said about you!

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