Social Media

girllookingatcomputerIf you have just built your first web site or had one for years. The web is a sea of billions and billions of pages how do you get seen.  A great web site is the core of your web presence.  The conversation with your client does not happen on your web site any more.  It goes on every day online on sites like, google plus, facebook, yelp, linkedin, etc if you are not putting out the image you want what will it be whatever anyone says.

Some people will say well I don't care about that, I have my referrals.   Yes you do, until you don't.  Lets say you work for a client and they don't like your work and posts a review on Yelp or anyone of  100 sites and tell the world that you not good at your work.  Your good or bad review will come up on your Yelp listing when someone searches your service.   You can get control of this.  What do you do? Call us today to get started (413.528.4402).

Social media marketing management (SMM) is much more than just getting a “like.” It’s giving your customers the opportunity to share and interact with your company on a daily basis.

This empowers you to:

Build Relationships and Encourage Repeat Business

Consumers are more likely to do business with a company they have liked on Google Plus, Facebook or followed on Twitter.

We’ll help you use social media to reach new customers and encourage past customers to do business with you again by building relationships that matter.


Shape the Conversation About Your Company

For better or worse, people are going to talk about your company on social media.

And negative comments on Yelp, Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook can destroy a company's reputation, especially if the comments show up on major search engines.

However, we can monitor these negative comments and shape the conversation about your company whenever it’s mentioned through social media, pushing negative comments off of major search engines.

Or you can ignore them and risk losing customers.


Multiply Your Content’s Reach

If your content is the fire that keeps your online marketing going, then your social media marketing is the gasoline that multiplies the intensity of that fire’s reach.

That means whenever you post a blog, publish an ebook or white paper, create a video for Youtube, your social media marketing multiplies the number of people seeing your content.

So now you’ll get more bang for each content buck you spend.


Let Us Focus Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

There are two major mistakes businesses make when it comes to social media: ignoring it altogether or trying to participate in every channel that comes along.

We’ll focus your social media efforts so you’re talking only with relevant audiences. That way you’re not wasting your time and money over-extending into the wrong social media channels.