OK is it did work to get a post everyday.

this is one of the hardest things todo just sit down and write something every day. I have found that it is hard to anything everyday. The day gets too busy, kids need to be picked up, food needs to be cooked, house needs to be cleaned, etc,etc.
You get up in the morning and start your day. For me I find if I don’t do that kind of thing before the day starts it just doesn’t get done.

the bottom line is you need to get your word out and say something people care about to make your blog, site, company grow online. So keep it up keep working at it, let me know if you have an y more luck or your ways of making it work for you

Blogging on the road with my new iphone

This is a test of my iPhone app. How can we know that we can keep it going on the road. When we work on this you run into all the issues that typing on a phone bring. It takes longer. More mistakes, that pesky spell check that can change what you mean with a word.
But if you only need to put up a picture you just took, or need to get a message out to everyone this is a good way. Happy blogging.

My son and me on a trip to San Francisco. It works for this kind of thing. The real test is look at it once I post it. Will it look crazy?