Seed your web content all around the web.

20120524-072856.jpg If you want food in the late spring and summer you need to start planting now. It is the same with your Internet Marketing it take time to grow.
You must engage you visitors get them talking about you products. Don't try to plant too many messages into any one email. It will only confuse the message. Keep your message free from weeds and extra words.

Above all just get out there, read, create content, take pictures, comment on other blogs. Get involved
in the conversation.

If you put yourself out you will be surprised at the. Creating content on your blog the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the new one pintrest. Are all good.
Get up and do it now!
Have a peaceful day.

As the rain brings life, content brings visitors.

As I looked outside this morning I saw a Robin on the lawn looking for worms.  I remembered the saying "the early bird catches the worm".  That is not always true. Recent studies have shown the best time to put up your post is between 1pm and 3pm EST weekdays.

20120514-073540.jpg It works for me to write posts in the morning before the phones start ringing and my day starts.  Should I post them later?  I think we give it a try and find out.  Will more people see it?  I know a few things.  It will go off of Facebook and Twitter faster.  It is when people take lunch, more to the point when they get back from lunch and check Facebook.  I also know that my sites ranking has steadily going up.  I have been getting more Twitter followers, and more Facebook friends.  It is starting to work.  Also if you have not guessed by now I have for the most part been posting from my phone.  It is forcing me to keep it short, sweet, and to the point, although the spell check can be a challenge.  Try it, post every day.  Talk about you and your company.  Do it for the health of you business.  Do it for the future.  Do it now!
Have a beautiful and peaceful day.

The weekend find time to post for the week.

Finding a few hours on the weekend to create posts for you web site can be a great way to deal with a busy week.
Wordpress allow you to schedule you posts to go up all week.
Sit down make a cup of tea think about the last week of you work. What questions did people ask, what did you learn new. Those are the kinds of things that will feed others in their quest for knowledge.
Help the world grow. Give back and you will receive.
Have a great day.

Google Changes the Rules on Search and Ranking

When I started writing this posting the world was different. Back in the day (two weeks ago) you could find a good news article or blog post, add some comment and you had great Content. Google is now giving original content a higher ranking than comments on articles or reused articles. This puts more pressure on websites that want to stay on top to create more original content.

The Question: How do I do this?

Google Search Changes

Google has changed the rules once again. They do it from time to time to keep the search relevant. From the web-user side it is a step forward – you get up-to-date information and the best, most relevant search results ever. If you want to get something on Google it now takes minutes not weeks. It sounds like a good idea to manage your own web site. Depending on your industry, you might need to post every week to stay on top of the rankings, or you might just need to post once or twice a month. It just depends on your industry, are your cohorts and competitors using the internet or not? (Construction not so much; retail stores more so.) Now ask yourself, what business am I in? Not the website management business.

We have learned over the past five years that many clients like the idea of updating their own sites; but then find that it takes more time than is feasible for busy owners. After all you should be spending your time running your business! We have developed a plan to assist you in optimizing your website; Colleen Henry has joined our team and is available to manage your web site. She has a background in PR and Marketing to help you get the word out about your business or non-profit organization.

One thing is sure, if you don't update your site on a regular basis you will drop in the rankings. You must create more content for the Google machine to digest. Allow us to assist in this process! Take peace in knowing we are here to help.


Google Ranking Changes

Along with the instant indexing of pages, Google is not rating news aggregation sites as high as sites that have original content. It is not good enough to just have the keywords and meta tags. If you want to rank higher you need to have back-links and original content, which along with being posted on your site, is announced on your Facebook page and Twitter feed all at the same time. It is now an Internet Presence. Not just a web site.