A word about keywords

Sunflowers for Graymatterhost.com  Keywords:  you have heard a lot about their importance and you might have read that Google is not using keywords any more. That is not true.  They are pulling the keywords from your content not the meta data.

So it comes down to writing good content that everyone will want to read and having the best keywords as a part of that content.  For example if you add a question to your content like "What is a good keyword?" then someone searches and asks that question Google will bring back all the places on the web that answer that question or are an exact match to that phase.

Which means if you have a good set up FAQs on your site you might come up if someone asks those questions.  Now you can't spend all of your time looking for the questions people ask so just use the ones that you are asked each day in your business.

That is were testimonials come in, also use them to build confidence and add to them by explaining what you did for each client.  That way it is a double hit.  You get to tell everyone what your clients are saying about you and you get to put the keyword people are searching.

In the next post we will talk about where to find good keywords and how to know you are using the words that are searched the most of the web.