Hacking is on an up swing.

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Since January 2014 there has been a lot of hacking.  The most common hack has been an injection hack.  This is where the hacker exploits a vulnerability in your site.  It could be a page that allows comments or a contact form.  Because of this we have started offering a Daily Scanning service.  This will scan your site daily and if we find any vulnerabilities we will close them.  If we find that someone has hacked your site we will inform you unless we have a standing order from you to clean the site. The site cleaning will be a $40 change.

Also check this link.  So your site has been hacked!

There are some links and a video from Google about hacking and what we can do about.
This video will tell you about:

  • How and why sites are hacked
  • Process to recover a site and remove the user-facing warning label
  • Time-to-recovery depends on extent of damage and technical skill of administrator
  • Two options:
  • Do it yourself
  • Get help from specialists