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best web hosting review  Graymatterhost of Great Barrington has garnered two prestigious awards recently. Given the award for “Best Small Biz Host” by, and “Best Non-Profit Host” by, Graymatterhost continues to draw accolades for outstanding service, personal training, and Green Web hosting.

Powered completely by solar power, with 99.9% up time, Graymatterhost is the only Green Web hosting site in Berkshire County. In addition to web hosting, Graymatter offers website design services, website evaluation, site content management, personal training videos, SEO marketing and analysis.
In announcing the award, BestHosting101 states: It is because of their spectacular commitment to small business web hosting that BestHosting101 has decided to choose Graymatterhost for our “Best Small Biz Host” award.
WebHostRanking calls Graymatterhost “one of the best web hosting providers for non-profit cheap web hostingor small businesses.”
Graymatterhost has recently expanded their offerings with the addition of Website Management services. This could involve anything from changing a picture out a few times a year to SEO on a weekly or monthly basis to keep your business website on top of the search engines. Contracting for website management allows small business owners to focus their energies on what they do best, while maintaining a professional presence on the web. 
For small businesses and Non-Profit organizations, Graymatterhost offers full service from domain name registration to SEO analysis. With a personal, hands-on approach Graymatterhost gets websites up and running, and keeps sites running – always relevant, timely and easily accessible.
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Solar Power: From Simple to Sophisticated

My neighbor just put up one of those old fashioned clothes lines.  It seemed a bit of an eye sore when I first saw it there, the metal pole holding up a spiderweb-like array in the middle of her lawn.  "The dryer uses a lot of electricity," she explained.  Her simple use of the sun made a lot of sense.  I briefly considered getting one myself – but I knew I’d have trouble actually using it.   Her sheets waving like flags were a salute to the ‘good old days’ when technology was simpler… and perhaps in some ways smarter.  I just read an interesting article on about the potential use of the sun’s energy (besides solar powered web hosting, of course!).  A group of MIT students have created a solar array that can melt steel! Check it out:

MIT Students Develop Revolutionary Solar Dish That is Hot Enough to Melt Steel

 The solar industry is booming.  With waves of investment and grants, the solar power industry is for the first time becoming a serious business.  New power plants will soon be pumping power out to consumers, while other firms market to sell panels directly to the consumer, providing them with a more direct means of experiencing solar energy.


There are many forms of solar power technology.  Today the most dominant is photo-voltaics, which comprise the traditional solar panels that come to mind when one thinks of solar power.  However, there are other promising ways of capturing the sun’s energy that are merely less developed. Continue reading “Solar Power: From Simple to Sophisticated”