At Graymatter we take your business seriously.  When you are successful we are successful.computerroom2

  • Green Web Hosting
    For only $10 per month you can have a Solar Powered WordPress Web Site.  Everything  you need to create a great web site on your own or we can help with guidance or we can build it for you.  You supply the content and we will build the frame work to make your business look great.  Click here for Domains.  Click here for Web Hosting.
  • Site Management
    Security, Web site updates, and just changing information on the pages of your web site can become overwhelming with all the other work you have to do for your company.  Let us help.  Once we start managing your site we put you on the daily web threat scanning list. We are alerted when your site is attacked. No one can stop hacking but we can get rid of it right away and not have any impacted to your business. We also set up all of your Webmaster tools, stats and show you how to read them or just tell you what they say. Click on Site Management to find our all the details.
    Have a web site that looks and works well is great.  But if no one knows it is there than what good is it. We can help you get found. We can grow your traffic in the right way.  Google makes changes to there system every 2 to 3 weeks.  If your SEO is done right you will only get higher in the listing because all of the bad site were removed.  We will guide you through the process and either help you do it or we can do it for you.  Let us help you.
  • Social Medias: Facebook, Google Plus, Linked in, etc
    Managing your Facebook page can be a pain,  This whole social media thing is more and more work every year.  What are you going to do?  Stop using Facebook?  There are over a billion accounts on Facebook it is really took big to just ignore.  We can help you create a plan for your social media.  How to post, what to post and when to post it.  or for a small fee we can touch your page every day and make sure it keeps sending you the customers you are looking for.


We are there to help you.  We are not doing our job if your site is not being seen.  We will work with you to create a plan that will work within your budget and give you as much help as you need to make your site successful.  Look through our services, we will explain what we can do for you.