Why Blog?

GHM Blogging Why?

Why your Company probably should NOT have a blog.

I feel like almost every company I’ve built a website for in the last year or two has asked me about having a blog. I believe that the content on your website should be the number one priority. Your blog among other thing is your voice on the Internet.There are many surveys and reports that tell us that the more current content that is created from a authority.  You can be that Authority! Get your site on the front page of Google.

Do Blogs help the SEO (search engine optimization) of my main website?

Links to your website help your search engine position. That said, Google is constantly reviewing and changing their algorithms to determine how sites are ranked. A well considered WordPress blogs can rank well on Google. After it is said and done it comes back to the content.  Yes you can help your ranking by using researched keywords in your well written content.  But it must be well written. That will rank the best.

Is New Content Important for my Website?

Yes. New content is probably the MOST important thing you can do for your website. This, more than any other reason, is why I typically encourage people to focus on their websites instead of starting a blog. Unless you have an unlimited amount of time and great ideas to write about, it’s going to be difficult to consistently provide new content for your website as well as your blog. There is no shortage of ways to include topics that people typically blog about into your main website. “Recent Cases”, “Law Firm News”, and “Legal Articles” are just a few of the possible sections that could be added to your law firm website to display new content.

Can Blogs for My Company Be Successful?

You must first define success so that you know where you are going. Blogs can be successful with careful planning, a solid budget and a high level of dedication to achieve your desired goal. However, the blogs I have seen that are successful require work. Success in blogs and social media for any company is attainable. However, everyone need to understand that it’s not easy or simple. No one is looking for something else to read, you need to compel people though fresh and interesting content. No one is going to follow your blog or allow your thinly veiled advertisements into their Facebook feed unless you create content that is worth reading.

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