Why Graymatter?

It is all about the team of people behind the screens that makes the difference.  Graymatter strives to be the hub of of your experience on the web. We will help you along the way with personal suggestions to help you create the site you want and get the results you need.  We work with all types of companies from regional magazines, Chambers of Commerce, and a host of non-profits.  We are also there for small business owners.

Everyone wants their website to work and for it to be easy and cost-efficient.  We will help you with the small stuff and the big stuff.  Here is a little about the group and companies that make Graymatter go.

Bob O’Haver: A technology consultant and teacher. He has a range of experience from Visual Effects Producer and Supervisor on blockbuster feature films like Stargate and Disney’s Dinosour (imdb listing), to web Publisher at CreativePlanet, an online community for the entertainment industry.  This wide breadth of experience has given him a unique knowledge of the use of computers and Internet technologies.  Bob is also the host of a weekly technology-based radio show, “Computer Therapy” on 97.7 WBCR, Great Barrington, MA.
Go to ComputerTherapy.tv for more information about the show.

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