Non-Profits and Small Businesses

When I first started to look at the business community in Berkshire County in MA.,  I found that non-profits and small businesses needed more support than they were getting from their current hosting and design arraignment.  I created to help everyone get the site that they want on-line and seen by the eyes they want. 

I started here in the Berkshire by joining an International Networking Organization BNI and learned what the needs were of the local community.  This is where I started to focus my work to help you succeed on the Internet.  We started signing-up and learning about different bulk email programs and service.  We can now help you with setting up a blog, post articles to Facebook and Twitter, and maximize your companies' presence.  We can help with setting up a store and accepting credit cards over the web.  After comparing companies, we choose E-onlinedata to be our provider.   After working with a few email programs and services we choose Constant Contact.  They give us the best support and training on new trends (that we can pass on to you ), and they have great client support.  If you need to create an email newsletter and want it look great and work well for you: go to Contact Contact

We employ seasoned writers, designers, and programmers who work with us to give you the support you need.  From Website/Internet Presence Management to a complete logo and design package.  We will create a WordPress theme and train you on how to use it.  We will be there to help when you need it.