Our Solar Powered Web Hosting – What you get.

Warm greetings from all of us at GrayMatterHost.com.  As you know, we are always working to improve our services with your business in mind.   The core of our service to you is hosting your website and email accounts. We are currently in the process of upgrading our website host servers (the computers that make sure your website is safe and running optimally). The new automated system will monitor your quotas, bandwidth, disk space, and terms; and is linked automatically to our billing system.

Because of these improvements we are changing our rates.  Our Basic Hosting package will continue to be just $10 per month ($120 per year) for 500 mb of disk space.  If you hit the limit you will not be able upload any more files.  To accommodate the increased demand for memory needs you can delete files from your site, or you can call us and we will increase the disk space for $4 per month for each 1000mb.

You are currently allotted 5000mb of bandwidth on this value plan. The term bandwidth refers to how many customers access your site in a month.  If your customer usage goes over your bandwidth limit, your site will be automatically deactivated from the internet.  If this happens to your site just call us and we will be happy to increase your quota.  We will provide this increased bandwidth for 30 days at no additional charge. If  you go over the limit for two months in a row, we will call you to work something out.   This does not effect most accounts.

We will bill one month ahead to give you time to get it paid.  You can pay any of your bill by credit card,  just call us and we will happy to process your payment.  You may also send us a check if you prefer.  We also offer a Monthly Payment Plan for your convenience, please call us to get this system set up for your business

Please click here with any questions and we will get back you as soon as possible.

Bob O’Haver